Waiting game

So its been 17 days since I sent off my ‘initial enquiry’ form.

Surprise, surprise, I have heard nothing back from the agency/organisation which acts for my LA. Considering this is one of the most important decisions a person might make in their lives you’d think an acknowledgement might be in order, even if its a standard letter that says, ‘thanks, we’ve received it, we’ll get back to you’.

The inquiry form itself was very different to the one I filled out last time, apart from wanting every address I’ve lived at over the last ten years (in my case a lot of places) and the name and address of my GP, being a single person without other children that was it. Nothing about who I am or what’s led me down this path and to their door. It all feels very impersonal and sterile. One reason may be due to the recent changes to the adoption process I discovered when I received the ‘pack’ (and then had to research online because there wasn’t any information given in it about what these changes are). Changes, I have discovered, that are supposed to speed up assessment for potential adopters. May be they haven’t quite got up to speed yet, I don’t know. But from this end it all feels mightily frustrating. I joked to a friend earlier in the week that the new process, which requires adopters to be assessed to a 6 month time frame, only comes into effect once you’ve actually filled in an application to adopt (no the form I’ve filled in isn’t it – its one to ask to fill in the other form…I know), so technically they can keep people waiting around for this bit as long as they like and it won’t count in their figures…call me cynical!


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